In 2010, the designers of residential and public interiors, Barbara and Alex Shesterikov Ermushova, united in their creative partnership is not only male and female, but also a professional team of talented artists, designers and decorators.

In the five years of the studio in the portfolio of the studio has collected more than fifty of exclusive design projects of premises and original examples of design popular public places.

Our designers have designed and successfully implemented for the interior design of the apartments 50 m 2 to 200m 2 in complex:

  • Stalin skyscraper on the area of the Red Gate
  • LCD "English quarter"
  • LCD "Mosfilmovsky"
  • LCD "House on Mosfilm"
  • LCD "Yacht City"
  • LCD "House Caramel"

Studio 211 is heading for the continuous development and application of the most advanced solutions and technologies. Most of the projects implemented with the supervision and the forces of their own team of builders, with the participation of proven partners - reliable suppliers of finishing materials, lighting, doors, engineering and technical solutions.

Working in many areas, special attention is paid to modern studio designers French style and minimalism. With France Studio211 bind friendships and professional relationships: a perfect knowledge of the culture of this country, reliable partners and the possibility of implementing projects primeneneim unique European material. Our good friend - known company Elegance interiors ( https://eleganceinterieurs.carbonmade.com ) under the direction of Pascal Gravel, a famous Parisian architect who develops unique "star" projects for French celebrities.

Today the studio with great pleasure that is taken for the implementation of a variety of ideas and specializes in the development of design projects for modern lofts, apartments in business class and elite residential complexes, including buildings, cultural - historical Fund


To love and to cherish their customers does not mean trying to please all their tastes. or love and appreciate their customers does not mean in the whole agree with them. (there is a word not like the taste)

Studio 211 aims to organically combine the individual preferences of the customer and his view of the world with the latest trends and tendencies in interior design, emphasizing character traits and lifestyle of the client.

First of all, this is a special atmosphere in which the projects are: freedom of creative realization, self-interest and a perfect understanding of each team member.

Studio Projects are not just on paper. No matter how grand and complicated task may seem, together with reliable partners and friends they repeatedly manage to bring to life.

All interior solutions are perfectly safe in the implementation. Our specialists do not offer artificially simplify and lower the cost of operation by using low-quality materials and environmentally unsafe.

Meticulous attention to detail, their functionality and aesthetics.      Every project invariably receives not only an individual approach and the soul of the designer, but also going through all the stages of the creative process from inspiration to find in the full realization of the author's control.

Team Studio combines the constant pursuit of simplicity and harmony. This allows you to work with pleasure and get results. This is the secret of success.