The preliminary design of the project

Plan of measurements

Suggestions for planning decisions

Plan with furniture

Mood board. Sketch of one kind

The working part of the project design

  • Plan with explication of premises
  • The plan with the approved arrangement of furniture
  • Plan demolished walls
  • Plan erected partitions
  • Floor Plan after redevelopment
  • The plan marked door and window openings
  • Layout of plumbing with bindings
  • Ceiling plan showing the type of material used
  • Specification for finishing materials
  • lighting Plan
  • Lighting plan for inclusion of groups
  • Plan sockets and elektrovyvodov
  • Plan of measurements
  • Plan floor heating
  • The layout of the tiles in bathrooms
  • Sweep the walls showing the location of decorative items **
  • Specification for furniture, lighting, accessories
  • Floor plan indicating the type of material used

Additional services

3d Max Visualization

Textile decoration

Elaborate ornaments, family clan emblems copyright products, parts of interior fireplaces, stained glass windows, stairs, etc.

cost is estimated on the basis of TK.

Development of complex parts, furniture and multi-functional partitions, niches, shelves, etc.

cost is estimated on the basis of TK.

Consultation designer

Measuring facilities