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Within the field supervision of specialists in the first place following the respective construction works design decisions. We help builders, manufacturers and suppliers to understand the essence of the design decisions and understand the documentation provided. In the process of working with contractors it is necessary corrections made documentation or improvement. In addition, under the author's supervision, we advise customers on the choice of finishing materials, technology, interior, furniture, etc.

This is in support of the customer to travel on the furniture salons and shops, as well as during working meetings in the office, or at the facility. In addition, we organize business meetings in our office to consult outside experts on technical, design and manufacturing solutions. Thus, supervision includes the following work:

  • supervision of the builders of the conformity of the construction works design solutions
  • consultation involved experts engineers
  • consultation on the customer's choice of finishing materials, interior items, textile
  • regular visits to the construction site
  • customer support in trips to the shops and showrooms of furniture
  • making changes and additions in the working draft


By bundle, we understand the object of the author's supervision related to the search and selection of interior, furniture, decoration materials, the formation of budgets, work with suppliers. Usually, these works are inseparable, as they continue to each other and are aimed at the embodiment of the overall design.

Selection with the customer of finishing materials, furniture and interior (choice of floor and wall coverings, joinery, tiles, sanitary ware, electric household appliances, lighting, cabinet and upholstered furniture, decoration works of art, accessories, selection of textiles and others.)

Technical Supervision

Under the technical supervision of construction understand the whole complex of actions related to the control of construction and repair work - namely, their compliance with the existing rules and regulations of construction, in particular - the standards of construction documents.

Construction supervision and monitors the quality and compliance of applied technologies and materials used.

Its primary function - not just search for violations of different plan, namely work to prevent them. Technical supervision, by definition, does not allow actions that lead eventually to the deterioration of the object under construction

It is important that the technical supervision assumed his functions at the beginning of the construction works. Only in this case can be requested carry out its tasks in full. And, accordingly, are guaranteed to receive high results of its operations.